The slogan ‘like no other’ is displayed on the front page of Lindenwood’s new website and on the schools social media sites as well.

‘Like no other’ can be heard in many different contexts. It is printed on all signs across campus and displayed on Lindenwood’s online presence along with the logo. The phrase ‘truly like no other’ can also be heard when something goes wrong.

For instance, students frequently complain about the slow WIFI across some campus buildings, especially Harmon Hall.

“The school WiFi doesn’t work again” said Haoning Chen, a sophomore majoring in International Business, “truly like no other.”

The slogan ‘like no other’ was created about two years ago, during the summer of 2015, when President Michael Shonrock took on the school’s presidency full of ideas for change, according to PR officials.

“Every college and university should look at the messaging that comes out of their marketing and branding,” said Shonrock. “We want to distinguish ourselves in the landscape of higher education marketing.”

Lindenwood was just in the beginning of this process when Dr. Michael Shonrock arrived, Scott Queen, director of Public Relations, said.

“He played a huge role in keeping it alive and moving it along with a stronger pace,” Queen, said. “He is the epitome of ‘like no other’ and communicates it to the students.”

Shonrock thinks of ‘like no other’ more as a tagline than a slogan. He and Lindenwood PR looked at different taglines which were presented to faculty, staff and students. ‘Like no other’ got the best feedback, he said.

“Ultimately, we want to portrait what we want to deliver, and that is the fact that we are distinctive,” Shonrock said. “The goal is to be recognised in the landscape of higher education.”

Queen said that Shonrock especially picked the slogan because he thought it is aspirational and always reminds us how we can work on being more ‘like no other’.

Lindenwood PR was working with a St. Louis based marketing agency called ‘geilion’ to create not only the slogan, but also a new website and corporate identity.

“We have not been advertising about ourselves enough,” Shonrock said. “It’s time to start a little more bragging.”

Watch the video below to see what some students think about the slogan: