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Media Use Habits

I gathered data about the class’ media use habits by creating a survey via google forms and shared the form on Facebook as well in order to gather responses beyond the multiplatform class. Below, I analyzed the data in infographics created with infogr.am¬†and with canva.

Media Use Habits Graph
created with Infogr.am


What I found most interesting was how much time the participants spend consuming news on a daily basis and how much time they spent using social media per day. The results are shown below.

The survey also unveiled some other interesting facts that are shown below in the info graphic created with canva.

Infographic created with canva

Infographic created with canva


In this short video I created, senior and swim team member at Lindenwood University Felix Eigel talks about his experience as an international student coming from his home country, Germany, to the US.

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